VEX Pan Pacific Championship Webcast

Greetings 2008/2009 VEX Robotics Competition teams,

We wanted to make sure any interested teams knew that the Pan Pacific Championship event in Hawaii is being webcast by NASA on Friday and Saturday (today and tomorrow).

You can find a link to the webcast on the homepage (you’ll see a tile on the right side that will direct you to the webcast). You can also view the event agenda/schedule on the Pan Pacific Championship event page.

There are over 80 teams at the competition from Hawaii, California and China. The teams will play over 140 qualifying matches on the main competition fields and will also have the opportunity to enter the Robot Skills and Programming Skills Challenges. The opening ceremonies will start at 10am HST (don’t forget the time difference - that’s 3pm EST) on Friday followed by qualifying rounds the rest of the day. The opening ceremonies on Saturday will start at 8:30am HST (1:30pm EST). The playoffs and awards will run from 2pm - 5:30pm HST on Saturday.

Best of luck to all the teams competing at various tournaments around the world this weekend. We hope those of you able to tune into the Pan Pacific Championship enjoy the webcast - we anticipate a very high energy, exciting and entertaining competition.

Have a great weekend,

VEX Robotics Competition

Hey, Brandon, do you know if anyone is planning to put some or all of the matches up on some video-sharing site (hint, Youtube, hint)? That would be nice for those of us competing instead of watching tomorrow. We’ll be duking it out in Vancouver.

The tournament looks very good. From what I’ve seen there are only two major categories of robots though… Tread-bots (uses two treads to pick up cubes with a pivot at the top) and Claw-bots (use a claw that can hold a single cube at the end of a long arm).

Anyways… good luck to everybody there

I assuming that robotevents is down for everyone else right? As of 8:47 I can’t access it.

Nevermind it’s back up. Looks like it awards right now.

9:07 Eastern here and I’m able to get to the home page. I’m watching the webcast in a window I opened hours ago.

Good Luck - Finals are coming up in 3 minutes (after a time-out).

Wow is my clock that wrong? Mine says 8:59 eastern.

Anyways has anyone seen the rest of the elimination? Were they good matches or sweeps?

Whoops - My PC’s clock is 11 minutes fast (I’m too lazy to open the firewall wide enough for the automatci time synchs to succeed).

Thanks for the webcast. It was a great competition. A lot of lead changes, good autonomous and clever designs. Mark was a great emcee. Where does he get the energy?

Well that explains why robotevents was down I think. They were activating new features. We now have the Design a Game Animation Challenge, the Product Design Challenge and the VEX Robotics Team Promotional Video Challenge.

Haha. I know that this is old, but thanks to anyone who watched the competition. I didnt think that anyone really would. XD

A few of us from 254 spliced up NASA’s recording a few weeks back; it’s actually archived here if anybody feels like watching it again:


and Last Year’s Championship too!!

Do you know if there was any video from Omaha?

It will probably have to be spliced to save on bandwidth - at the moment, we’re busy preparing for Atlanta and Dallas, so we haven’t been able to help Jack Biesiadecki and the folks at NASA just yet.