Vex part question

I was looking for a V5 part that can connect the low strength axil to high strength axil, appreciate you you can point me to the part in VEX website to order,


this isn’t a great solution, but you could use a 36 tooth gear, with a LS insert on one side. Insert the LS axle into the LS insert of the gear, and the HS axle into the side of the gear with no insert. This solution does work, however it is very space inefficient, and its not a super strong connection. I am not aware of any product that is specifically for connecting LS to HS axles.


To add on to Dave-TBR… I am also not aware of any good solution, but you could strengthen the joint if you used 2 HS 32-tooth gears bolted together. They could butt together if you were not worried about the axles pulling apart, or you could separate the two gears with standoffs and place shaft collars in between…

maybe like this…

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There are two good ways of doing this without a lathe imo.

  1. Take a High strength shaft collar, put a metal short LS shaft adaptor on one side with a capped axle in it, and a hs shaft on the other side. Tighten the shaft collar super tight and it should hold.

  2. Drill a hole in the middle of a HS axle with a machined adapter, then you can press fit a LS shaft inside a HS shaft.