Vex Parts being used in our daily life

As summer in going on in Georgia, my mom’s sister came to vist for a week, I wanted to prank her so I decied to use vex parts for that. I set up a Bumper switch and touch led, so when my mom’s sister comes through the door I programed the bumper switch to be pressed a alarm goes off and touch led turns red. Then I got a better Idea, I wanted to create a home security for my door, I set everything up but programming is the hard thing, I am still working on it. Tell me some good ideas the Vex parts can be used in our daily life than robotics.


This might be a fun topic for V4/Cortex repurpose of depreciated gear.



Recently I built a v5 tombstone (will post a video soon). I also added our old v4 electronics to the iq builds of endgame and warhead, so that they could be driven around and stuff.

Other than that, I once built a pong robot for a school project (like this but with ultrasonic sensors instead of a camera.

Lastly, I had an idea to use the cortex plus tarans led tutorial to add moving underglow lights to my truck. Not sure how easy that would be though.



couldn’t find a belt for prom


using vex chain to hold up your pants at an important event? that’s quite the gamble


I asked my then girlfriend to prom using a Vex robot speaker back in the day.


How funny, I also made an accessory out of chain. I made a chain link bracelet, and used the tread with screw holes in it to attach a metal plate to the other chain links. On the metal plate, I spelled out their name using the VEX license plate stickers. Pretty heavy bracelet, but they still enjoyed it!