Vex Parts for Iventor

Does anyone have the part models for Autodesk Inventor? I have all of them for Solidworks but they are converted for Solidworks. I can just convert the ones in the CAD section from step files to Inventor compatible but if ayone would ever so gracious to send me their Inventor parts library I would really appreciate it. Thanks,
-Devin Catron

So I personally have created many of my own custom parts… My recommendation would be to stick with someone like Jordan’s collection… You can find that here:

He’s done a good job of working through, and between his and Aperture’s, it’s a really good place to start building stuff…

Thank You for the tip. I am downloading the file now.

Between the two of them, they each have their strengths and weaknesses… I use both of them together, and it works really well.

i downloaded them and it gave me one .rar file. How do I open it so it can be used in Inventor? I tried to open it and its just saying that Inventor fails to open it

you have to download winrar to open the .rar file

I have downloaded win-rar and it is still not opening. Does anyone have any other ideas?

.rar is a packaging format. You have to unpack it first, and then you should have a file structure that has all the inventor file… Look for an “extract all” or “unpack all” or something like that…