Vex Parts for sale

As I am in dire need of money to finish a car I’m working on before I move out to college, so I am selling the various vex parts that I bought throughout this past year.

Parts for sale:
2 Kits worth of VEX aluminum
A HS gear kit + a few extra metal pinion gears
About 5 kits worth of tank tread upgrades
Two Motors

I am willing to consider offers, but don’t lowball me.
Feel free to hit up my cell with questions
TEXT: 925-395-6532](

I’ve never seen that ebay “make an offer” thing. Neat.

Its fairly new, id say it was added within the past 6 months or so…

Aluminum is gone
Treads are gone

all gone!
that was fast:D

Woot! Congrats to you and the buyers!