VEX Parts List

My team will be starting inventory fairly soon and I would like to know all the parts VEX offers. Is there a spreadsheet/list out there with all VEX competition legal VEX parts? I know I can visit the website but it would be more helpful if a spreadsheet was somewhere out there.

These are all the legal parts. I don’t know of a list anywhere. Some of the parts vex offers are very rarely used , while others, such as C-channel, motors, screws, and nuts are used lots, so take this into consideration when ordering. There are many legal parts but this link is from vex website and shows all of them.

Here’s a link to the VEX EDR Catalog:

Taken from the Marketing Resources page

It would be nice to have an spreadsheet version of the parts - SKU, unit price, …
It would make it easier to prepare requisitions for organizations.

You’re probably looking for something like the attached file…

The prices need to be checked against current prices, this sheet is a couple years old, and might not have every current part. Is someone can take the time to update the prices, please post it to this thread!
parts list.xlsx (26.2 KB)

I am looking for VEX to provide the list :slight_smile: