VEX parts

i know someones already posted a thread about this but does anyone now a different website besides that i can get vex parts for possibly a little cheaper??

please post reply if you know…


heres another site it only acouple dollars cheaper though

oooo thanks thats better at least…

ure welcome i cant think of any where else besides ebay you should try ebay theres a bunch of parts on there right now but hurry before they end

ebay would be a good place if my parnts wouldnt refuse to buy anything off ebay…

although ebay is incredibly cheaper, there is rarely anything i think is good on it. usually its a transmittter and reciever kit, or crystal kits.

well you could give a friend mony and ask them to buy somthing for you

and for pacoliketaco theres a bunch of vex asseccories on ebay right now:D

yes,robokid87,you are correct,but i do believe that they are more expensive,correct me if i am wrong.

i think it depends on the item of sale, something popular vs. something unpopular.

ok so i guess theres no other place to buy cheaper vex parts…