Vex parts

Where is the best place to go to sell VEX parts?
I have 2 older starter sets and a lot of add on parts.

Here are some pic’s of the parts.
Email if you would like more info.:smiley:



VEX 1.jpg
VEX 2.jpg
VEX 3.jpg
VEX 4.jpg

Try Ebay but do not try to put it up as one package.

Or donate them to a 4H Club, to a Scout Troop/Council, or to a school that wants to get involved with STEM Robotics programs/education.

I have a question. Are you going to sell the Cortex by itself. Our club is looking for another one, maybe, but we do not have the budget for an original price cortex. Could you message me what you think you are going to sell it for?

there dose not seem to be a cortex just the v.05 PIC Which will do you no use at worlds unless you have a vex net system, which has been discontinued

We just need it for another robot for our coach to make to get in the way of the 3 other “real” teams. We have 3 teams, and a field, and it would be nice to have 4.

It is not going to be going to a real competition. Just for practice.

They are the PIC controllers.:frowning: probably wouldn’t help you out much.:wink: