Vex patches for lettermens

Does anyone know where I can find a Vex patch for my letterman jacket?

We already have these on our Marketing Resources page:

You can find a direct link to the download here:

@DRow When will patches sold at Worlds be available online? The design is different that the link you posted.

@DRow Looks like the patches only starts from Toss Up. Any plans to produce patches for the earlier seasons?

And also, the patches for Starstruck was sold out. Can I still order them online?

Would also like to know this. Just assumed I could get them online when I got home but I don’t see them anywhere.

We should have the patches available for purchase in the upcoming weeks. We’re waiting to receive another shipment from our manufacturer.


@DRow Will the In the Zone game logos be added to the Marketing Assets?

Probably early next week. A lot of us are still out of the office trying to recover from the worlds marathon!

It was a great event! Many thanks for all the effort you all put into running it!

Agreed. This is my first year with VEX (teacher). By far, this is the coolest experience I have ever had in that role. My kids had an awesome and I appreciate all of the work that you put in on our behalf!

Ok, so I am in the process of affixing the patches I got from Worlds - it would be good to give instructions as to what kind of backing, installation, and how long it lasts.

Also, still looking for being able to order more of the patches.

@DRow - could you provide a direct link to where one can purchase a VEX patch? On the “official merchandise” page ( I can’t see any patches, and the zip file linked above just contains logo artwork (for if I wanted to get my own custom-made, I suppose?).

The RECF VEX Worlds Online Store still has them listed as available. However, you have to pick it up at the Louisville, KY store:

Seems they should fix this so it can be shipped.

The starstruck patch was all sold out at the worlds store.
They told me to check online… but I still couldn’t find where is the stuff

Letterman patches for 2014-16 are now available for purchase on the VEX Website. Look for the Starstruck and VRC patches to be available in the coming weeks.

Check them out here:

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The NBN one has an… interesting design.

Hi @DRow , any idea if there is plan to make patches for earlier seasons (before 2014) as well?

@DRow Many thanks for getting the patches on the product page! Well done!

Soooooo…. These are letterman patches. They’re an actual felt/cloth patch right? Looks like it from the pictures. But my biggest concern is that on the page for them, it states something like “… Just peel and stick…” So they aren’t an iron on patch? Are they like stickers? Especially for $2. It’s amazing the no one else has EDR patches. Just looking for some advice, or personal experience. Much appreciated.