Vex Planetary Gearset Video: Up close and why people don't use it


Is that something which you’re planning to use on your team’s robot?

Looks awesome! Never thought of this before, but it’s a great concept.

In response to @CarCar, no, they’re not going to use it. It is bulky and inconsistent when driving. (Specifically in torque mode.)

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Would it be a good use for anything else other than a drivetrain?

It may have been in the video, but I didnt catch it.
What are the uses for a planetary gear system? Do they allow you to drive multiple mechanisms?

The use of the planetary gearset is very briefly touched on, mentioned around 1:15

tldr; You use the gearset to get 4 different modes of varying torque to one shaft, of which only two of the modes has the full power of both motors.

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Because the guy in the video said it at 2:00 that it doesn’t give enough torque.

@technik3k was explaining it here: