Vex Playlist for Worlds

Anyone got the playlist of the 2014 Vex world championship???

Give me a day or so… Im trying to edit the videos so it’s a bit nicer

Do you mean the match lists?

No, I meant the music playlist. What were all the songs being played there and in the Vex Dome???

Wait are you making the match videos available?

No, I just wanna know what songs played in the convention center and the Vex dome

Several of the tracks played were not original songs; exact remakes done by other artists. Did VEX run into copyright or licensing issues?

Yeah. It’ll only include some engineering division, round robin(all levels), finals(all levels), though, as well as cool things like the parade of nations, in person vex reveal, etc… Problem is, IB, AP exams, and a fever are getting in the way for me… it’ll take a lot longer than I expected:(

So nobody knows any of the songs that played???