Vex please

So this game has a good chance to be really fun. It looks pretty good right now but i think and i believe others will too that if you allowed us to have more than 1 cone at a time (even like 2-5, but unlimited would be nice) this seems like it would be a much better game. Also to possibly limit hording you could have it so you could only hold more if they were “stacked” (with a new definition letting them be on other things than just the goal). Thanks and i hope that this change could be made to this years game.

We’ll see. I think the one cone rule will lead to some interesting designs and will result in extremely fast gameplay.

My interpretation of the rules makes me think you can hold multiple technically, as long as you do it by putting objects on a movable base. So you could have a way to make the base stay in the robot while you collect cones for example.

This is the correct interpretation.

@DRow, you are saying in order to carry stacked cones while still being legal would require you to hold the movable goal while carrying the stacked cones?

No, you are allowed to carry multiple cones simultaneously while they are stacked in a base

wait what do you mean by stating that they are “stacked in a base”. Like then if I hold one cone, and there are multiple stacked on it, then is it possible to do that? Does it matter if the cones, while they are stacked, are leaned on the robot in any way?

If the cones are Stacked on the base, then they do not count towards your limit. They must meet the Game Manual definition of Stacked

what do you mean by the “base”? like the base cone?

By “base”, I’m assuming he means the Mobile Goal. You can stack as many cones as you want on the Mobile Goal, and then move it around.

Oh… I see. Is it also possible to push the mobile goal?


I mean probably a pneumatic lock to lock the goal in place, then moving it would be probably the best idea

Possibly. Either that or just have some kind of scoop that goes underneath

yeah. the mobile goal weighs about 6 stars… Brings back bad memories. I honestly felt bad for the motors during starstruck

can your robot be touching the yellow stacks if it is on the moveable cone on your robot

I think you would be able to touch 1 of the Stacked Cones. However, you might want to ask this in the Official Q and A.

You can move as many cones as you want as long as they are stacked and or on the movable goal as of SG9

Are you allowed to remove nestled cones from your team’s mobile goal?

@7447C Twisted Wire
You can pull cones off of the stack, but only one at a time. Once you pull them off of the goal they are no longer stacked and subject to SG9.