Vex Pnematic tank mount

For the tank for the vex pneumatics kit, how do you mount it on your robot? Is there a 3d print for it to hold or how does your team mount them?

Zip ties
20 CharChar

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I’m probably not the best person to speak up about this because my robot is jerryrigged. But, that I know of, I simply just zip-tie it in a good spot where it can stay stable. This is awful advice, but is a last resort. I don’t know if there is a CAD model though, I will look into it.

we did it with zip ties easy and simple

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we find some zipties and rubber bands and get creative, but I think there might be a vex mount

Zipties or wrap a 1x1x25 steel bar around it and screw it to somewhere on the robot.

3D printing is currently illegal so we just zip tie them on.


During Spin Up my team tried to use a custom slide-on and slide-off system for our pneumatics by using a VEX linear slide with a shortened (3/8"?) screw. It didn’t work, of course, so we used zip ties. Here are some images of it:

I think zip ties are the most common method of attaching the legacy pneumatic reservoirs and (from what it seems) the new ones as well.

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If you dont wanna use zipties you can dril a hole in some 3 wide and use the gian nuts they come with amd bolt them .

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Zipties are the easiest and most convenient way, but we used small polycarb strips wrapped around the tank to secure them.

Image is a bit old but it shows them well


Glad to know that I wasn’t the only one!