Vex Pneumatic Solenoid Driver Cable

**I’m happy to announce that the Vex Pneumatic Solenoid Driver Cable is now available for purchase as a seperate item. The part number is 275-1417 and it can be found on the Logic page.

This Pneumatic Solenoid Driver Cable is this same driver cable that is included in the Pneumatic Kits. This cable takes the digital On\Off signal and controls the 5V power applied to a pneumatic solenoid. It is rated for about 3/4 Amp and is sold as a 2 pack.**

Great news! Thanks.

Now all we need to fully use the pneumatics in games is to be able to buy the reservoirs as a separate item. One reservoir just dosn’t last long enough and buying a second kit just for the reservoir won’t fit in our budget.


The tank reservoir would be a great addition


Hehe, I expect many teams to be pumping there way to victory this year. ANd yes, we need more cheaper air storage capacity!