VEX Pneumatics Compressor

I think VEX needs a small compressor for its pneumatics since they hold so little air and use it up so quickly. The tank doesn’t hold nearly enough for, say, a shifter or a claw that is frequently used. I have a portable compressor that does a great job but it’s big and noisy and has way more power than I need. VEX should be able to create something similar that would serve all of the needs of the VEX pneumatics. It would especially be good since I heard a rumor that next year pneumatics will be allowed in FVC :smiley: .

What if they just made a compressor like this. I’m reffering to the little yellow cylinder.
This way you could use a motor to power it and you can adjust your ratio according to your pressure needs. It would be more interesting to see the different types of compressors rather than a standard compressor. The only problem I can see is power consumption. Although that is not a problem unless the part is made. Just a thought What do you think?

if i ever get the pneumatics, i would want a compressor for continued running on the robot.

I agree, at our rgional competition we had to compete best 2 of 3 and we had no time in between rounds. If we had pneumatics we would have been seriously crippled.

i am guessing that you are talking about FRC, because pneumatics arent allowed in FVC yet (or are they?)

IF we were allowed to use them we would have been crippled. I guess I worded that weird. Its true this year we can’t use pneumatics but maybe next year…:rolleyes:

well, as they are, they can be pumped up quickly with a foot pump, like for bikes tires.

the problem wouldnt be between matches, it owuld be during a match.

I heard from a mentor on my FRC team who helped design the FVC game this year that they wanted to include pneumatics this year but decided against it but it’s almost definite next year. But they are almost completely useless without a compressor.

Why can’t you turn one of the pneumatic cylinders into a compressor?
Attach it to a gear attached to a motor. Put some sort of regulating one way valve on it and let it rip.

A regulating one way valve? That would not be Vex legal then would it. No. I’m sure someone will say “vex will make it” well then vex should just make a compressor right?

Here we go.This ( is exactly what VEX needs. I gets 200 PSI on 9.6v so 7.2 should be fine or it can use its own battery and just receive on/off signals from the VEX. This thing is practically perfect it just needs a VEX compatible casing and some electrical hook ups. :smiley:

Compressors are big even if they only need to fill a small cylinder. I’m thinking pneumatics on VEX will never become as developed as the ones for the FRC bots due to the limits of you can only make something so small.

how about in stead of a compresser, which are very noisy, vex makes a larger more efficient pneumatic system. like a larger air cylinder, more effiecent acuators, and longer strokes.

good call. under 3in strokes are just about useless for large scale robots.

Hmm, it may not be that hard to make a vex compressor like I described. The actuators on the double acting cylinder solenoid could be programmed so that the exhaust valve is the intake, and both valves on the cylinder act as the “compressed air” to the tank.

Maybe we should just wait and see what they say?

Could you use a bicycle pump bodified to pump air?
i.e. have a motor pusy the plunger back and forth to pump air…

A bicycle pump sort of mechanism would work. The Legos use that setup with a motor turning a wheel that pulls a handle in and out of a mini pump. However that would not produce very much air pressure. The VEX really needs at least 50psi to be effective. And as to the mention above of VEX compressors never getting to be like FRC ones due to size, look at the link above. The FRC compressor can also supply a lot more air and a lot faster than the VEX would need. That would be major overkill. Here’s another compressor that is practically pre-made for the VEX. I even have one almost identical to this and have used it extremely succesfully on mobile VEX robots that used pneumatics. And again the power and size could probably be scaled down due to the unneccessary shape and power of the compressor itself. This thing would even be cost efficient for vexlabs to produce and sell. I found it for $60 but I would gladly pay $100 for a VEX one that could be more easily mounted and controlled.

It depends… FRC Team 957 used a 1.0in stroke (by 3/4in) for the “end effector” that was used for grabbing the Inflated Tubes… It worked unless the gripping material came off the “end effector”.

That would be AWESOME!!!:eek: :cool: