Vex Pneumatics One Touch System

Vex Pneumatics One Touch System- many touches later and only about 50% of our one touch pneumatic connections will solidly grip the tubing. Any advice on what we should do to fix this? Are adhesive such as electrical tape legal or effective? Our competition is in two days so it would be nice to get these working.

Tape is legal. See the rule about tape (can’t remember which one exactly).

Also, try to cut the tubing perpendicular to the tube… cut it straight on.

Teflon tape is legal when used in moderation and around air fittings.

Could you provide a picture of your one touch connections that aren’t working?

What type of picture would you like?

I was just thinking maybe your one touch connectors could be broken. Was briefly going to look them over to make sure they aren’t.

You are pushing in on the tubing with sufficient force to push it in right?

Are you using tubing that has already been used and has marks one the end. Used tubing will usually leak if the end is not cut so the connector catches on un used tube