Vex Potentiometer

**Hey Guys,
I’m happy to announce the Vex Potentiometer Kit is now available for purchase.

With the Potentiometer you can determine both position and direction of rotation. **

Great new product


sweet!!! always great to see new vex products, espicially sensors

will this mean a new version of easyC or will customers have to make due?

I have complained in the past about the last of add-ons for the Vex. It is now really nice to see the flow of new Vex components and posts on the forum. It has renewed my interest in the product. Thanks!

hurray for PID loops! :smiley:

vEx has really stepped up with this addition. Keep the add-ons coming!


Did anybody order it yet?

I did!

I’m disappointed to see that it does not allow full rotation, but it will still be very useful.

Nope! The potentiometer is an analog input and can be used in V2 or PRO.


I haven’t upgraded my software yet - I still have V1. I was waiting for the Vista versions to come out and I haven’t decided which one to get yet (V2 or PRO).

Can I still use the Potentiometer Kit if I use either the Light Sensor or the Line Follower block? They are both analog sensors which provide a voltage back to the controller.

If you could let me know, I would really appreciate. I just ordered the Potentiometer Kit last night and it should be delivered next Tuesday. I’m anxious to try it out.

well im using pro and it works on vista with no problems but i dont know if v2 works on vista

ok cool, thanks, i was just wondering if a downloadable update will be released to support the the sensor or if you just used the analog input like you said

im using v2 on vista, works absolutely fine, you need the update though

Sweet, but i really think that you guys should come out with an accelerometer, a motion sensor, and a sound sensor. Those would make vex a whole lot better if you robot could wait until it detects motion or a specific sound.

ahhh…is someone admiring the NXT? a motion sensor can be a simple PIR sensor like the ones found here:
except for the phidget one (those are so cool) they all have digital output and/or a PWM cable, easily inputabble into vex, attach with zip ties and you’re ready to go!!!

a sound sensor i find pointless unless you mean voice recognition in which case would be ~$150 dollars+

Thats cool, i might have to buy some of those.

But just a question, what is the purpose of the potentiometer, doesn’t it do the same thing as and optical shaft encoder?

Vex states that you can find out the exact position of an arm ect… just as you would with an encoder.

I was just wondering.

For the sound sensor i mean a little sensor that can pick up sound and it will send values back to the vex so if you are very quiet the robot will report very low values for no sound but if you drop say a book the robot will pick up the high values and it will spring into action with whatever autonomous code you have.

I think that it could be a useful sensor

A small piece of quartz connected to a simple circuit would do the trick vex!

I really just want to see some new sensor vex already has more than enough hardware components.

And if you release these new sensors.

Will there be updates for easy c v2 to use the new sensors?

probably not as they will all have digital or analog outputs if they came out

sound is measured in decibels (dB) so a sensor like this would give back a digital output with an integer value of the amount of dB, i guess for simple purposes it wouldnt have to be too accurate

sorry to relate to lego but i think you mean something like this: