Vex Power Pack Vintage about 2006

My Vex Power Pack Inventor’s Guide sheets only reference NiCd batteries. My Vex batteries are: 9.6 volts NiCd, 7.2 volts NiMH (bought 2013). Is it OK to charge them together, one NiCd and one NiMH? Thanks

I’m assuming this is with the old two-station charger?

Do NOT do this for NiMH batteries. Use the new charger for any NiMH batteries. Apologies for confusion in original post, missed that the 7.2s were NiMH.

NO, NiMH battery’s use a deferent charger, DO NOT USE old NiCd charger.

We ruined our first set of nimh batteries by charging them in a nicad charger. in order to charge nihm batteries, you need the smart charger which also can charge the older nicad batteries.