VEX Power Pack

i think the vex starter kit should come with the power kit or some sort of rechargable battery

ya becuz we ues a lot of batterys i have spent over at lest 100.00$ in batterys

I think Vex should include their power package in the starter kit. Using AA batteries is way too expensive.

ya i think thay need to do that i have spent over 100.00$ in batterys

Or, like the kit says to do, is to use AA rechargeable NiCd batteries. Alkaline are NOT recomended. just go out, buy about $20 worth of rechargeable batteries and you’re set. or you can just buy the VEX power pack and get it over with.

just buy NiCd rechargeable batteries, and a charger. its a way cheaper solution. also the vex kit is made to run off of NiCd batteries. (either that or NiMh)

i don’t know if they need to put it in to their starter kit but if they ever come out with a bigger kit (like a robot builders kit) with more accessores in it they need to have a battery kit in it

still i sped a lot on battrey:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

ya ive spent alot of money on batterys imgoing to try and get some rechargable batterys or a power pack mabye from radio shack this week

all u peoples out there, you don’t spend $20 on 14 NiCd batteries. OK?!! I spent 100 bucks on them. the power pack is way cheaper at Radio Shack. 30 bucks!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

14 nicd batterys shouldent cost 100 :eek: :eek: :eek:

i really wish I had bought a power pack when they were 1/2 price at radio shack. they have gone up to $40 if you can find them. but I have 14 NICDs i dont remember how much they cost.

I just noticed that my power pack is starting to drain it’s power!
first it was…well I forgot the starting voltage but now after I recharge I get 9 volts and I used it about half a year now!

the battery life needs to be at least longer:mad:

I think if they included the power pack, that would just make the starter kit more expensive, that may drive away some hobby customers, but you would have a good set of batteries to run with.

It would be nice, if the starter kits included rechargeable batteries, but folks, remember, this will also increase
the price. Not all teams (and hobbiest) are on a Money No Object budget, Hence why the original
starter kits had provision for NiCad and Alkaline battery holders.

Also, believe it or not, there are NiMH replacements for the VEX powerpack batteries,
w/o the charger… Look in the R/C Car area of your local Radio Shack… the NiMH equivilent to the
9.6V Transmitter pack, is $9.97 (Catalog #: 23-331), and the 7.2V NiMH Pack is 24.99 (Catalog #: 23-319
, and actually has a higher milliamp-Hour output. (3300maH compared to 3000maH))

I have the GeoCrawler outfitted with a pair of 7.2’s in parallel. (used two 7.2V repair kits to make a Battery “Y”)
Unfortunately, the GeoCrawler has been sitting on the bench, collecting a little dust, because of massive car
repairs. (can’t exactly ride a robot to work… yet…) Just rebuilt my laptop from a crashed HD as well,
and just re-installed Easy-C 1.1 again. Life has a nasty habit of putting your hobbies on hold…

Stephen (gelfling6)

no i saw nicd batterys for only 20$ for 14 not 100$ lol

This is correct.
Not everyone wants the added cost of a power-pack. For those that do, the Vex Power Pack is available for $49.99

You can save money in the long run, over AA batteries.