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At our last competition there was a team who had made a poster with the design process on it and put it at their table in the pits. We are trying to get the excellence award at our final competition so we were wondering if this helps with getting the excellence award, if so does anyone have an example or a suggestion on how to go about this? Thanks!

Having a poster board might be helpful during your interview, especially if your team has a tendency to forget things you want to talk about to the judges. More important than that alone, would be to simply practice your interview skills.


Ok, Thank you. If we were going to make a poster do you have any suggestions on how to make it look, or what to put onto it?

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I would do a trifold poster board and make sure you include pictures and brief descriptions of everything. I mean everything. Your chassis, your lift your intake your claw (whatever stuff you have in your robot that’s just all the normal stuff this year). Include pictures of everything on your robots and write a sentence or two about how it works. Don’t go too in depth but enough to give a basic understanding. Put pictures of any fails or struggles you had, and talk about what the issue was and how you fixed it and overcame it. Put anything and everything. Don’t do too much though. Don’t put more than 3 sentences per image and keep it to around 10-15 images max. It shouldn’t take more than 3-5 minutes to present the poster to the judges. And don’t just read the whole thing, let them take a look at it and ask questions. They won’t want to listen to you read the whole thing they will ask about whatever they want to hear more about.


As for how to make it look I would just try and make it look nice and well made. Putting actual printed photos and attaching them well instead of just taping on pieces of paper with an image printed on it looks much better and much more impressive, professional, and serious, and it will make you appear more dedicated and like your really care about it. Basically just try and make it look nice and well made. Paint it either white or black don’t have it be a brown piece of cardboard or whatever you make it out of. Use color when writing on it as it catches the eye and will make it much more pleasing to look at, but don’t go crazy with it, use around 5 colors total, not more than that. Try and make the really interesting/important parts stand out, and make sure it looks like you put effort into it. And make sure you’re honest and you highlight your struggles and your use of the design process.


I would think the robot itself would be the best prop to have during an interview.

When I was judging I really disliked powerpoint slides as it disconnects the team from their creation.


I agree about the Power Point as a no. The trifold will help in your pits when other teams are scouting you.


This is so true. Posters/trifolds are amazing and can be really well done and be very helpful especially if it’s done right and done well, but the robot will always be your best bet. Although having a poster will make you seem more dedicated to documenting and to the judging/interview process really just showing the robot is the best thing you can do. (And yes don’t make a PowerPoint, if you’re going to do a presentation do it physically a PowerPoint is just a no. It’s almost certainly not what the judges are looking for and like you said it’s just so disconnected from the interview process and the team and what the whole thing is about. Just your robot is enough but if you want to do a poster and you have the time go for it just make sure you do it well. But don’t do a PowerPoint).


Yes, we’ve discouraged our teams from doing computer presentations, too, except as a “pit decoration” at World’s where they might show a promotional video loop. But over the years, we’ve had teams sometimes get nervous, or not know what to say if/when a judge asks “tell me about your team” and so having the “crib notes” on a board can help alot.


Thank you all so much this has been very helpful! We haven’t ever thought about doing an online presentation but now we know to avoid that. Does anyone have a picture example of a board if not all the information you have given me has been great!

I’m currently working on one for my team but it’ll be awhile until it’s done so not right now sorry. I can send one when I’m closer to being done.


That’s ok Thank you!

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