VEX Program

This is our teams first time competing in the VEX competition. We have been competing in FTC competitions the past 5 years and we know that in FTC the competition, it requires that your team number is included in the program. Does VEX require this as well?

What do you mean by “included in the program”?

No, VRC does not require your team number to be in any code you use to operate your robot.

If you are coding in robotC, it will bug you every time you compile without naming the robot … robot > advanced tools > rename robot. This name must be a team number, and (I believe) is communicated to the competition control during matches for scoring.

I don’t believe that is true. None of our robots use their team number in the name of their robot in Robot C and we have never had an issue with Tournament Manager. The Tournament Manager software (as far as I know) doesn’t care which robot is on the field. It is up to the referee and the division manager to make sure the correct robots are on the field for the particular match.

Good to know.

It is not communicated to the PC running the Tournament Manager. Guaranteed.

So why is robotC so insistent that I get that name entered?

I think it may have mattered before the days of VEXnet, with the crystal system… With that said, I’m not sure, and I’ve never used the crystal system anyway.