Vex Programming through modem port on a laptop

I have a laptop and i had the crazy idea that the modem port on the back that was used for internet in the early 2000’s… could you use the modem port on the laptop to program the cortex and if so who wants to help me make a driver for it.

Do you mean a serial port?

The Modem port would be where the phone cord comes in (like kids know what a phone cord is) It is the same connector as the tether cable for two Vex joysticks.

yes i do, on the programming USB there are two ports there is the RJ-11 and Usb-a i’m talking about the RJ-11 jack

VEX uses RJ12 for the programming hardware kit, not RJ11. Regardless, VEX’s USB to serial converter is more than just an off-the-shelf rebrand – it follows specific specifications for power delivery and such.

Oh i see, I meant to say rj12 oops! thanks for the info