Vex Programming - what do you use?

I’m curious to see how many people use which IDE, I assume its a tossup between MPLABS and EasyC. Which do you use?

Our team used Easy C, which is not so easy.

I use easy-c to and gamefreak is right it isn’t easy!

I use easyC (Which I hate). I am simply too lazy to understand what mplab is and how it works. BTW, Is it possible this thread would work better as a poll?

EacyC, which I love!

I use MPLAB C18. Although I prefer the CCS Compiler. I will probably switch to that as soon as I reverse engineer the controller enough to dump the IFI libraries.

My son was the programmer for an FRC team for the last two years before doing Vex this year. His opinion is that EasyC makes basic functionality easier, but makes sophisticated programming harder. Not surprisingly, he says the opposite about MPLAB. His favorite thing about EasyC is the error checking in its IDE, which is better than in MPLAB. YMMV!

I use MPLAB, but that’s because I’ve been programming in C++] for about 5 years now, and I find EasyC to be backwards.

I use EasyC it does all i need for now

I’m using RobotC i find it easy enough to understand.