VEX Pros menu items not present


I am a VEX Pros user of over a year now, and for this robotics season I am trying to transition my team to use Pros for all of our programming. I have always used pros on my personal laptop, but some of the other programmers on the team are unable to use a personal laptop for a school activity and are stuck with their school-district issued machines. I was able to install pros on those computers, but it lacks the main toolbar and the PROS atom bar menu option. Here is an image of what it looks like on my personal laptop running pros: Capture

And here is what it looks like running on the school computers: Capture (1)

The text editor seems to work fine, syntax highlighting doesn’t appear but we can live without it. The main issue with this is that we can’t actually upload code to the robot, which is a pain when 3 people try to upload different versions of their code through one computer. It wouldn’t surprise me if this is an issue with permissions pros needs because of how locked down school issued computers are nowadays. If that is the case and anyone happens to know what processes it needs to run or what needs to be unblocked for pros to function properly with items I can give to the IT guys that would be greatly appreciated, but if it is another issue that is something I didn’t find in my research any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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The pros-atom3 atom package does not seem to be installed, maybe the pros bootstrapper failed. Try installing it manually in settings, and compare other packages that are installed on your working computer and install those as well.


Thank you! Your help is really appreciated.