Vex Questions?

OK, I got the starter kit on Monday ( February 19 2007) I have built the square bot and I did a little modifying. I don’t know if it would have worked because I don’t have any batteries yet:o . I plan on getting rechargable AAs and I already have a battery I can use in the transmitter. Do you have any suggestions on what I can add on to the squarebot? Also, does any one have any suggested add on kits. Finally, does anyone have any pictures or discriptions of robots you can build with just the starter kit. Thank You.

I would get the programming kit and some extra motors. I’ll post some pictures of the robots my team built.

Thank You.
That was a very fast reply!

The picture is of a robot that was built for competition and made it to farmville but was scrapped at the last second. We went with our smaller robot with features the same frame and drivetrain but with less weight because it has no retractable plow. It is just a stripped down square bot with insane gearing. Our big competition robot has a hanging arm on the same frame and drivetrain as the other robot. You may also want Omni-wheels because they can seriously increase mobility.

just check out the website in our signature we have a ton of videos and pics

i like to make robots that can play a mini FRC game, its always a good challenge.

What,like the rack n’ roll? just in VEX

Yea haven’t you seen the pictures he uploaded of his awesome robot?