Vex Questions

Hey Guys, i had a couple of questions that i needed help with:

What are the components of the Vex Radio system? Is the system Amplitude or Frequency Modulated? How does Modulation Work?

What is the difference between a battery and a cell?

What are 23 and 12 mode, and how do they work?

How would you run the squarebot on a table like surface and with no operator action or programming keeping it from running off of the table?

these are some questions that i needed to answer for an assignment, and since this is the vex community can you help me out??:smiley:

I dont really know what youre saying for one, But I know the others.
[2] a cell is one unit and a batterey is made up of these one unit cells. Ex one of those standard flashlight battereys is a cell beacuse it is one cell,
While those 6 volt lantern battereys aremade of 8 of those.

[3] the 12, 23, modes are not what they seem they are really 1,2 and 3,4
1,2 being arcade mode using ports 1,2 and 2,3 id both sticks using 2 and 3

Im busy and have to go, ill answer the others tomarrow if not to late,
sorry for this inconveinice, Jimmy

thx, any information helps, and its due tomorrow so dont worry bout it thanks anyway

:o okay im back

you can keep the vex from running off with alimit switch
In your vex inventor guide,look at sensors section at 10.5 starter kit sensors–programmed behaviors or you might write a programm

IF LIMIT ("limit is set as a varrible --set int and the varrible as 1,0 normaly this will be o)
MOTOR3 STOP this will go on for each motor


within the "else command you can program normal opperation
the “if” is for baking up and getting away once youre turned and away from the edge you can go to the else command with a user code “goto 6*”

  • or whatever number the ELSE line is
    PS if you want the vex to repeat, this ALL should be in a “while”
    If you dont have the programmer, just look at that suggested section in the user guide.
    hope this helps,

Shouldn’t you be doing your own homework? A lot of this information can be found in the inventors guide, or whatever it’s called.

well this is one of those resorses that can be used for info:D

i agree with corpralcheeze on this one. Right when I read this i was like “INVENTORS GUIDE!” I know that book inside out. Just dig the whole thing through and you’ll find the answer to all of your questions. Treat it like a bible (if you’re christian).

I understand that some people don’t have an inventors guide. I think there’s one online on this site can someone give a link?

I think what you are talking about is on the bottom of this page

Here it is
Yea, I could recite evry word in it:D

sorry it takes a-while to load, its 71.5 megabytes:mad: