VEX Quick

VEX Quick

Anyone else wanted a quick reference VEX Game manual so you can see all of the rules and game definitions in one spot that made it easy and quick to access all of the 44-page Game manual rules and definitions. This is just a way to quickly access all of the rules to show the judges I would reference the official rulebook at this is just to make it easy to access the rules faster.

We have worked for serval hours and 1200+ lines of code went into this project and I have been playing around with the idea and how to do this. The site is at I hope you will like it. The source code for this is at

Future Updates

  • Better UI for mobile devices
  • All tournament definitions

Change Log

V0.1-beta → All Rules and Definitions added still do not have any Tournament definitions

Feel free to post suggestions and bugs on this forum or PM us at @Skynet and @The-Bit-One. This has been a really fun project and I hope everyone likes it.


that’s really cool.

good job on all of this


Yeah, this looks really cool and I’ll probably use it this year

Thank you! Nice to know about this!

This is a good idea, not sure if @technik3k already has something like this on the Vex Wiki but it should probably be on there

Pretty Cool - Thanks