VEX Quiz

I am making a VEX Quiz for a few people at my school. What questions should I ask?

Please post suggestions down below WITH ANSWERS. Please note that I would like questions of varying degrees of difficulty

I would ask questions that are not posted with ANSWERS :slight_smile:

How many motor ports are there on a standard cortex?

A: 10

What sort of difficulties? A quiz for people just joining the club, people with a year of experience, veterans? Also, for whom? Do you want coding questions,building questions, physics questions, rule questions?

1: How many sizes of tools are there for tightening screws?
A: 2

2: You can connect all motors directly to the cortex regardless of pin count.
A: False, motor ports 2 - 8 must use motor controllers

3: The current game this year is?
A: Starstruck

4: What constraints are there for the size of a competitive robot?
A: The robot must fit inside an 18^3 Box, but can expand to any size after the match starts.

5: You are not allowed to bend or modify in any way the parts of your robot.
A: False

6: What is the time layout for a standard Vex Starstruck match?
A: 15 seconds of autonomous, followed by 1:45 of driver control.

7: You are not allowed to use non-vex parts in any way on your robot.
A: False

8: Name all the languages you know that can be used to program the Vex Cortex.
A: RobotC, EasyC, ConVex, Pros. (Are there any more?)

9: The robot must weigh less tan 20 pounds.
A: False

10: ______ Memes
A: Dank Memes

Here’s my 2 cents.

Just to prevent misinformation from being spread, this is incorrect. There are no rules for VEX Starstruck (or any other VRC game so far) regarding the programming languages you are allowed to use.

@LegoMindstormsmaniac My bad. Let me fix that.

(easy difficulty)

Q.What is the thing that you plug all the wires into?

A. The cortex, Power Expander, I2C IMEs, pneumatic controler.

Q: What is a control loop which utilizes feedback referred to as?
A: a closed loop.

(Medium difficulty)

Q.What does the word STEM mean?

A. Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

@Vex Dudes 8558B Not necessarily. They’ve got a four year contract to host it in kentucky, and it started with the skyrise season. I don’t think they’ll host it for much longer after the 2017 - 2018 vex worlds as the ridiculous number of teams attending is rapidly increasing.

Not necessarily either. What about the power expander? And the I2C IMEs? And pneumatics? I’ve never heard of someone plugging the pistons into the cortex.

o.o sorry. changing now :smiley:

(I will be thinking all night about this xD because I have almost nothing else to do)

@Vex Dudes 8558B No worries dude.

Why do you do robotics? (free response)

What is <G1>?
A: common sense always applies.

One guy on my team made this GIANT kahoot (45+ Questions) on the game manual. I’ll try to see if I can find it

Umm… I am assuming a person has read the game manual to understand this one, and I don’t think anyone that has read the game manual will just know this one off the top of their head. :confused:
But otherwise good question :smiley:

Yeah, that question was assuming the quiz wasn’t directed at complete newbies. Some more specificity on the audience might be useful.

(Easy difficulty)

Q.What is the process of brain storming?

A. To think through things together and to test --> make better —> test —> make better, and so on.

@Riley Are the questions for new people to get into a club or just for fun or what?

:stuck_out_tongue: I deleted it.