VEX R2D2 Droid

Hey guys, we’re working on building the R2D2 droid from StarWars. Here’s some preview of how does it look on the prototype.
Gonna put sensors, sound, etc later on.

Stay tune =D.

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The build on that is really good. The circles are really clean and it looks like it will come out as a cool project.

Do you plan on putting decals on to reskin the robot or are you planning on keeping the vex metal exposed?

Really love how much he actually looks like R2D2, will <3 to se this when its finished.


The link didn’t work, but a quick search on YouTube found it :slight_smile:

Looks awesome! Hope to see this at worlds!

Just curious, do you plan to add any more mechanical functionality?

And the link has unbroken itself. Just wondering, do you intend to add all of R2D2s accessories?

This is very interesting! Will it be able to fly with jet boosters? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, we’re going to cover it with decals and paint it. It’s for the birthday party. After that we’re going to expose the inside.

Was thinking to make it avoid obstacle autonomously using distance sensors.

Trying to figure out how to add R2D2 sound in it.

If you try that with the buzzer it will sound awful xD Maybe you could add an accessories circuit with an arduino or such, have a small speaker and some other cool stuff ( Lighting? )

Also you should incorporate some vex servos that open little hatches on R2D2’s body :smiley: Have a little probing arm stick out :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, when are you going to build C3PO?

Trying to use VEX materials much as possible. Anyway yes they’ll be tiny door to access the internal once we’re covered it.

We’re also in experimenting on building humanoid using VEX EDR. We did with VEX IQ before but it kept falling when trying to walk. I’ll upload the video later.

I really love it!

Think I will get my boys to do one too… will be useful for Open House… :smiley:

Here it is with its skin:

haha, that looks sooooo cooooll :smiley:

This is really cool!

What did you use to do the skin?

That is really cool :D. Are you going to paint it or add any plates on their to make it more realistic?

Thanks for pointing out the new link.

This project is on hold ATM to focus on our upcoming competition. In mean while, new project will be coming soon, “Humanoid”. :smiley:

I just wanted to say congrats on making the vex robotics facebook and twitter feeds!

A C3PO in the works? :stuck_out_tongue:

Testing out in small scale first. :smiley: