Vex-RC Extension Cable Pack

**We are happy to announce that the Vex-RC Extension Cable Pack is now available for purchase on our VEXplorer web page.

With the 2 wire Vex-RC Extension Cables, you will have no problem wiring the Vex-RC VB-1 Motors or other accessories back to the VRC-RX unit.**

I think that these cables are just a bit pricey, but none the same they are a good accesory.

Well, they are $1.25 per inch, which while a bit pricier than making your own, they do have the convenience of having the three wires glued together and the pins at the end

ah the extra expenses of competition legality

anyways i like making my own cables while waiting for a long program to compile and download (or for vista to boot up ;))


Do you know any websites that sell the parts to do that? (ends and pins, not wires)

Try Question about the Pwm cables?

Thanks. I think I’ll buy some next time I have money.