Vex Real Life MarioKart!

This is my first time posting so I’ll throw out an idea. My PLTW class is fundraising for a field trip and we were thinking about making a MarioKart game to fundraise for the trip along with a massive claw machine (3ft wide by 2ft deep and 4ft tall). The actual focus would be on making the MarioKart game since the joy of wrecking virtual people isn’t about as good as the real thing. I’m more of the programmer for our class and we kind of have a problem making the shells. We have the speed boost thingies on the ground (putting white butcher paper on the asphault and tracking that with a line follower…), and having limit switches on all 4 sides so we can monitor if you’re hit. The only problem is that we don’t know what to make the shells with. They’re a vital portion of our fun factor and the karts are small! They are just 3 C channels connected at the ends to form a U shape. I also know that tilt driving is nearly impossible due to a glitch in RobotC that creates insane noise. Do you know if that has been fixed yet? Thanks if you reply and I’ll try and get to you.

If you have access to a 3d printer, that would be a good bet.

you should probably use an accelerometer (or gyroscope) to track when you have been hit then with the turtle shells, you might be able to throw a nbn ball then when the ball hits the robot the accelerometer would pick it up

For shells, you could cut out circles from foamboard glue layers of them together and paint it. Could also use cardboard or anything else. If you want, you can add weights.

I think we’ll be using limit switches on the sides to track if we’ve been hit…? Our closest bet to a shell would be a tennis ball, unfortunately they bounce. :frowning: (And no, we don’t have liquid nitrogen to freeze it.) Yes! I totally agree with you mwang17! We should totally get a 3d printer! TurboTech’s idea for a shell is pretty neat and I think my class may be able to do it considering we have a lot of talented artists. I should be posting a video of it on this post once we complete it! :slight_smile: Thanks for the replies!

We really wanna see how this comes out. It sounds really cool.

Do you mind if I steal this idea? This sounds like a great fundraiser; I talked to a few of my friends, and they would each pay $15 for a single round.

Yeah, go ahead! I’d like to see how our two projects will end up!