Vex Recievers

On my bot i have my two reciever wires in the tubes. They are right next to each other. Will this cause any problems?

No it shouldn’t because hopefully they are different channel receivers.


If they are in two separate tubes right next to each other i do not believe they would be affected.

If they are in the same tube i would be afraid that they would interfere.

But i guess if they were in two separate tubes right next to each other it might work.

I am no expert at this but i guess if they operate on differnt frequencies it would not be affected.

Thank you.

I would, if you can, move them apart. For even though they are different frequencies you can effect your swr and combined with other outside interference, this can add up and make your receiving unreliable.


There is usually a minimum distance between Antennas for Proper Operation. IIRC, that distance varies, based on the Frequency of the radio…

For those less familiar with Radio Terminology, SWR, SWR meter, and Impedance. related to this discussion.