VEX Rerun Library

My team has made our autonomous rerun code public! Feel free to check it out on GitHub. We are still working on documentation, but the basics are available here.

What is rerun?

Rerun allows you to drive your robot and generate autonomous code. It generates native RobotC code.

Just wondering, how accurate was the rerun

After removing the extraneous value, a couple of inches (2-3) off after 15 seconds of relatively complex movement. 6-8 without removing the extraneous values. See the GH Wiki for info about extraneous values.

Just wanted to know why you had a time-based rerun? Rerun already isn’t accurate due to the max refresh rate you can do with the cortex. I would think that you would want to use sensor values and put those into PID functions to get max accuracy. At least, that’s what a couple of teams and I do.

Our robot when we wrote this did not have encoders. We have a new robot with encoders and are working on implementing PID and sensor values.