VEX resellers

Although I realized VEX sold through other outlets I have never seen their products at discounted prices. However, I just stumbled across this one they are offering discounted prices on almost everything as well as cheaper shipping. I’m just a little annoyed as I just placed an order for over $400 :frowning: could have saved at least $30. Has anyone bought from them before? Is there a catch? I hope so.

So it’s not as good for those of us in California due to tax, however, here’s an extreme example of possible savings. Something has to be wrong.

VEX competition field

VEX price $799.99, overnight shipping to Massachusettes $741.30 total $1541.29

Studica price $749.95, overnight shipping via FedEx $19.86 total $769.81 (how they could ship for $20 I have no idea).

I thought VEX was like Apple where prices were generally the same no matter where the product was bought. Has anyone used this company?

we should wait until someone from that department verifies that the site is an authorized re-seller
maybe its scam :confused:
the website doesnt look that professional either

I agree the website looks a little shady. I would just go with VEX. It is reliable.

They are an authorized reseller.

OK. Thanks! Might use them.

My final post on this subject and then this thread can hopefully slide into oblivion.

So either Studica was violating VEX’s MAP (minimum advertised price) policy or they simply had errors on their web site. Either way student pricing is now the same as VEX store pricing, for non profits or schools you have to request a quote, no prices are shown. Shipping is still ridiculously cheap, $26 FedEx overnight for competition field to California, but I wouldn’t trust that.

Shipping is WAY cheap, especially for CAL.

You probably want to contact them about that. The complete competition field is HEAVY, and I can’t believe you could even ship it next door for $26. It sounds like a system error of some kind. For comparison, our UPS Ground shipment of the event partner kit for Gateway (balls, barrels, gates, goals, and trophies) was about $70 from Texas to Washington. I haven’t checked to make sure, but overnight would have been $hundreds.

Studica is definitely one of our authorized VEX Resellers.
UPS & FexEx use weight as a factor when calculating shipping rates, the VEX Competition Field weights 140 pounds… so I’m pretty sure it will be more than $20 for overnight shipping.