VEX Robot Cameras???

I am trying to order some VEX wireless cameras that can attached to our robots for our robotics class. I have used them in the past in a classroom setting and was happy with them. I see they are no longer available. Does anyone know if VEX is coming out with another version or if there is another place I can get them.

My class will use with for a search and rescue challenge and these remote cameras are essential to this design challenge.

Thanks for your time and help

Bluejacket Robotics

The cameras have been discontinued for a while, and I’d be quite surprised if VEX comes up with new ones.

Because this is for a classroom challenge, using only VEX parts probably isn’t important, so I would look at wireless cameras on eBay. There’s lots from China, here is just a random one from the list: (I like how this one says on the picture it works with a “compoter”)

As this won’t be at a competition you’ll probably have wifi, so you could even attach phones to the robot and use Skype/Facetime/something else.

Those are great ideas and thanks for the link to additional cameras. I hope VEX comes out with another camera soon to simplify things. Anyone else have some info on this. THANKS AGAIN!!

Bluejacket Robotics

Why did VEX discontinue their color camera? I would like to order as many as 10 for my robotics class.

Anyone out there wanting to sell their color cameras? Seriously I would be interested.

Bluejacket Robotics

I have 4 I would consider selling. PM me.

I can only guess, but at least one of the reasons was probably that these cameras are not legal to be used on competition robots, so there probably wasn’t very much demand for them.

Thanks Powerbelly PM sent.

Anyone else want to sell some VEX color cameras to help out a robotics class. Thanks again!


Check with your area resaler as they are likely to provide help on this front as some might have a few left in inventory. another website another website

Thanks for all the time and help.