Vex Robot Drive Base Video

So I made a video about my drivebase in a vlog-esque style. I think it can help teams looking to build a stronger drive base. At the same time I’d love to hear any improvements people have. This is the first video of many to come so enjoy!
Here it is.


I like the video! I see you have found a solution to the tippiness. Nice job! One question tho. If you don’t want to be pushed around, why did you use omni wheels? I mean, like why not traction wheels? Are they the only wheels you have? Just curious.

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lol i just have them as a place holder right now until I can actually get traction wheels at my school

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Nice. makes sense. You just said something about putting rubber bands on the middle… (the reason for my question).

yeah I gotchu… i shouldve said locked omni wheels or something instead as the temporary solution

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One thing I would do is take off those steel c-channels that are super bent up and then use anything at your disposal to straighten them. Maybe a vise if you have one, pliers (you can make improvements at least with pliers), or a block of wood that fits inside the c-channel to help it keep form and then hammer it back into shape. I think it’ll save you a lot of grief later because right now you can’t mount much on that. Or just replace them obviously if you can get some others from your school.

Also on your bracing for the drive I’d switch the black spacer for a white nylon one so you can tighten it more and then box the spacers through the whole drivetrain like others have suggested.

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haha I actually beat up the c channels on purpose so the iron collars would have room to spin with less friction. I have the axel right up to the edges so the iron collar was getting stopped by the c channel. And yeah thats a good idea, I’ll definitely be switching it up once I get more white spacers.

Oh I see. In that case I’d really avoid doing that, does anything prevent you from mounting your wheels in the middle holes of the c-channel like normal?? When I saw that I could definitely tell it wasn’t something that had happened through match damage.

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By the way overall a huge improvement over your first design, if you keep making improvements this quickly you will have a great head start going into the school year.

really large improvement from your last one, rapid iteration is the key to improvement.

one suggestion I have for the tower is to have a triangle brace connecting it to the base so it can’t flop around. try box bolts on your chassis too. but otherwise it’s looking very solid.

lol actually I might be able to just put them in the middle. it never occured to me to change it from the sides because I had wanted the motors closest to the front to be as low as possible so the ball wouldn’t hit it on its way up… but after building it I see that the ball isn’t even close to the motors. Thanks for the advice!

Thanks man, ill definetly be adding a triangle base

A definite improvement, nice job! What is that linear slide on your chassis meant for?

To me it doesn’t seem like all four motors contribute, the ones closest to the front don’t have a good grip on the chain and in my eyes are rendered kind of useless.

Not trying to rain on your parade, but I think you’ll still end up with some tipping issues since the weight of the flywheel is very high off the ground.
It probably won’t be bad though, and it’s definitely an improvement over your old robot.
The more you build, the faster you’ll become. It used to take me weeks to build a robot too, but eventually I got fast enough to build one in weeks. Also CAD is a yes.
I’m excited to see your journey through vex! Keep us posted!

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