Vex Robot Drive Speeds

How fast is a vex robot capable of going?

**Refer to the Speed Chart on the Vex Motor page

This table shows the estimated velocity of a Vex robot based on a variety of gear ratios, using the different wheel types. All velocities are in feet per second (ft/s, fps).

The table only shows values obtainable with a SINGLE Vex reduction. Additional speeds would be obtainable by using multiple reductions.

Note, the green/yellow/red highlighting reflects the nature of the drive-speed. As the gearing of the robot increases, this will cause the motors to see higher loads during acceleration and turning. The green-yellow-red highlighting shows the “danger” level of using these speeds. The higher the “danger” the more likely this gearing will damage motors or clutches.

These values are ESTIMATES ONLY; the best way to see what works is to EXPERIMENT. There are many factors that will affect the outcome, not taken into account in the chart.**

Is there a way to modify the motors internal gearing to increase the output speed to a direct-drive off the motor itself?

We have never done this. It is probably possible, but we do not recommend it. Remember: as you decrease the gearing of the motor to increase the speed, you will decrease the output torque (this is a linear relationship).