Vex Robot Fire-fighting Contest With a Twist

How about a Vex Robot fire-fighting contest where Vex robots follow a maze representing the walls of a house or building a la Trinity Fire-fighting Contest held in Connecticut each year, except with a twist. No weight limits, no size limitations, anything goes to put out the fire (candle).

Another twist to this contest is a class of Vex Climber Robots that can climb ropes or walls or sides of houses and buildings for rescue operations.

sounds fun. will be interesting

The Trinity Competition is very cool. Doing it with Vex would be a nice change that I think would be cool to do.

The Trinity competition is a good model to start with. If I’m not mistaken, you could even use the vex system for the Trinity competition. Their competion is not product specific, and they have categories for high school, college, and unlimited entry.