Vex Robot Gearing

For a lift when picking up the mobile goals, can I direct the motor to the gear or is that a bad idea?

Considering that the motor spins at 100rpm, and the lift will want to spin a lot slower (usually around 15rpm), I’ll let you finish the equation.


So I have to but more gears attaching to it

Yes, pretty much for any high torque application (lifting arms, clamps, etc) you cannot directly connect a motor to the mechanism. The exception is a drivetrain, where motors can be directly connected to the wheel axles (in many robot designs).


So what do I put in replacment

Take a look at the trainers for good building tips. Build Instructions - Downloads - VEX Robotics

If you built yourself a clawbot trainer, for example, you’ll learn about the gear-reduction used for the arm.


Hey so to gear your lift down you need to take a lower gear ratio, gear ratios are essentially the ratio of teeth of one gear and another. For example: a common gear ratio for lifts is 1 - 7 which uses a 12 tooth gear on the motor transmitting power to an 84 tooth gear. Essentially this should make lift 7x stronger so it can have the power necessary to lift the goal.

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