VEX Robot Meets Plotter

A video was recently posted to Youtube showcasing a robot that writes its builder’s name: .

Take a minute and watch this video, it’s really creative.

Wow!! That works really good

More interesting than the actual programming is the hardware. I’m wondering how he got the thing to move forward and backwards. It doesn’t look like he’s using the vertical gears…hm…


Very neat, interesting, and it works!

Great job, i’m impressed,


Fantastic video.

I wonder if they are using communication from a host computer to send commands to the VEX writing robot ?

Great Job! We love to see more. I have been watching the Tour de France and Nike had Chalkbot built to paint messages on the streets that the tour rides on. The messages are from people of Lance Armstrong’s “Livestrong” initiative. Here is a link to the video describing Chalkbot.

This is VERY cool. I hope the builder continues to develop it. I think there are a lot of opportunities to expand on this robot!


So… Making my Guess here…

If the Vex Controller is the Bottom of the Robot, and the Tank Treads are Parallel to the Y Axis…

The Pen Up/Down and X Axis appear to be driven the Advanced Gear Kit with the Y axis being driven with the VEX Sprocket and Chain Kit. I would guess that both Axis’ are supported with the Linear Slide Pack, Cut to length… VEX Optical Shaft Encoder for determining the movement of the Plotter and the movement of the Tank Treads.

It just occurred to me!!!

This is RoBlotter!!

Cody sees an XY plotter. Cody wonders if he could somehow build the 3D printer that he always wanted out of Vex components. Cody still doesn’t know exactly how he would go about doing it but he knows that he will eventually build or buy one…


Very cool!