VEX Robot Plans (downloadable)

We are using VEX for teaching a robotics class and have more than 60 kids signed up for our first year at our high school. What I am looking for is some sample downloadable plans of different robots our team could practice building before we start the class on different design challenges like, “Nothing But Net” Swept Away etc…

Is there a site somewhere that has these plans to download. We have the "Clawbot, Tumbler and Protobot. Are their others? I have found that getting kids rights into building for the first week or so and then driving their bots really gets the experience and excitement up for the design challenges to come.

Thanks and I appreciate you time and help

Bluejacket Robotics

You could take a look at JPearman’s Open Source Robot

Thanks for the response. I think this will be helpful. I was hopping VEX had a few more Robot plans out there somewhere that would be easily downloaded like the clawbot, protobot, tumbler etc. Any and all help is ALWAYS appreciated!


Bluejacket Robotics

You could also take a look at the instructions for robots used for the Vex Cortex Video Trainer Using RobotC made by the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy. If you look under Building Instructions on the references page (linked below), there are a few more different robots you can build.

Hope this helps.

Thanks so much this exactly what I was looking for. Easy downloadable plans I can hand to a small robotics team to get them building early. Thanks so much.

If anyone know of more plans to download please let me know and THANKS!!

You’re welcome! Glad I could help. My school used this curriculum for a small class of students (I was one of them), and we used the RECBOT. It definitely showed me examples of how the different parts of the Vex design system can be used, and also got me a start with programming. I’m sure the other options would be great as well depending on what you’re planning to use the robot for.

Thanks again for your help. As I am new to programming in RobotC is there nay same code out there for programming this RECBOT robot. Any and all help is so appreciated. I just thought it would be easier to copy an existing code for this robot and all its sensors, at first, before exploring RobotC on our own. I am thinking showing kids programming right way with a successful driving RECBOT robot with all the programming would really jump start my students learning and excitement. I appreciate your time.

Thanks so much
Bluejacket Robotics

Well it kinda depends on what you programmed it to do. There are a whole bunch of built in sample programs in ROBOTC that can be found under the file menu. This should help get you started. After that we can always help walk you through how to make what ever program you are looking for. That way you get a good understanding of the process of making a program. Sometimes without setting a lofty goal and try to reach it you never learn that there are things you didn’t know.

The RECBOT is a “standard” robot in the ROBOTC application. What this means is that you can easily configure the motor and sensor ports with a single selection in the Motors&Sensors dialog or with one line of code. The robot only has 3 motors IIRC, left and right drive and an arm. You could probably adapt some of the code that is on the forum for the VEX Clawbot (it has one extra motor for the claw) or we (perhaps Griffin :slight_smile: ) could write a simple starter program from which you could then add to. He is correct in that there are many ROBOTC example programs that you could also use, there are also examples of using the sensors at the link Bplams provided. Here is one on using a potentiometer.

Great advice. We will look it over and get programming. I appreciate your time.