Vex Robot slows down after the activation of autonomous commands

IDE:Pros 3.3
Main library: okapi 4.2

Our team has noticed a strange bug where the robot after an autonomous activation would significantly slow down, when reverted to manual control. The bug disappears after the software program is reset through the controller’s backout button. We were wondering if this is a known issue at hand and if there is a way to fix it.

Just some background information; this bug is not fully consistent (doesnt always slow down) but 70% of the time it does.

Any chance you start additional threads in autonomous ? If so, see this topic.

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I am relatively new to the concept of threads but the way we call autonomous is simply using the input switch connected to the controller and after the autonomous function is done we use the same input to switch back. Can this create threads?

you would need to be creating threads (actually tasks in PROS) using calls like this in your code

pros::Task( some_other_function );

but if you are asking, then I would assume you are not.

so what exactly slows down ? all the motors run slowly, is that what you mean ?


Yes, pretty much all motors run slowly. Although it happens inconsistently, it always happens after we switch from autonomous to manual drive.