Vex robot wiring

when i built my vex robot the wiring did work but then i switched something and the wiring quick working on one side…

If you search “Vex IQ port map” a link from Robolink ( will give you a small list of all the pre-determined ports and what the controller controls from the factory. If you use TeleOp however, you don’t need to worry about getting the ports right as you can map them in the program.

It’s nice, but I have some issues. It says you can only use the driver control to test, that you have to write code to control it. Not true.

It doesn’t tell you ports 7 and 12 are dupes of 1 and 6, so the can also be controlled by the joystick.

The limit switches are the unsung heros of the driver control, rather than limit by pins and slam arms against the stops, use a button.

To @BlazeNeon57001 problem, you either have things into the wrong port, or one of the wires isn’t fully plugged into the port. The click is your friend.