VEX Robotic Font

What font does VEX use for their logo? I’m trying to use there logo plus something else on something.



Based on the E, my closest guess would be a slightly modified version of Rikos Bold:

(search results: [[0]=E&wtfserver=wtf_a_41&id=0000af9051964f51000bb22e0000357d&glyphcount=1&imageid=0&x=53&y=30)

If you look on that website, you can find a font identification tool (that I used to find the above font) that may also help you in your quest!]([0]=E&wtfserver=wtf_a_41&id=0000af9051964f51000bb22e0000357d&glyphcount=1&imageid=0&x=53&y=30))

Hurr, hurr… I was doing research on this literally two weeks ago and almost asked. The font I found was called Eurostile. It’s a very popular font, but unfortunately costs money. I can’t remember where I found the free alternative (nor can I remember the name). But finding free alternatives should be easy enough.

EDIT: I found the font. Apparently, I actually downloaded the Eurostile Regular font (which I guess is free??). It can be located here. FontPalace is usually reputable. The Eurostile Regular won’t get you all of the same results (i.e. Eurostile Black for “World Championship” and “Competition”), but a program such as Photoshop with advanced font tools should help you get the job done.

Here is the result from an image-based font search website… not sure if there would be an English version.