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We are fairly new team… We need help with parts n stuff to buy. We want someone to make a list of metals, bolts, screws, motors, Etc… to buy because we want to get equipment that could help us get better and we are based in UK. as far as i know there hardly any UK teams in the Robot Ranks. All i see is USA, China… But please if someone can give us list of good equipment to buy that could help us build good robots not just for this year but for the years to come…

Also We wanted help with donation and how we can raise money for our team.

Hello, i am a VEX UK Team.

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i have qualified for the vex world championships and will be attending the nationals in march.

you are CNWL-Vex1 College of North West London?

with parts, i would suggest the following.

  • 393 motors
  • high strength gears
  • high strength chain/sprockets
  • 3000mah batteries ( i have four for my robot) and 4 chargers. * i use power expander
  • power expander * depending on robot.
  • aluminium … lots (i use it on everything)
  • programming hardware kit
  • sensors (IME’s, Opictal Shaft Encoders, Ultrasonic, potentiometers) * depending on needs of robot.
  • various hardware such as screws both sizes/spacers/washers/shaft collars/2" Axles/3" Axles, 12" axles for cutting to custom sizes.
  • performance tool kit … they are great.
  • tank thread kit
  • additional tank thread kit
  • 2 wire / 3 wire extension cables
  • elastic bands
  • cable ties
  • battery ties
  • aaa batteries … depends what you have.
  • spare vexnet keys … (V1) as no (V2) in uk at moment.
  • partner controller & cable … if you want it.
  • safety glasses
  • bearings.
  • spare motor controllers …

then drive wheels etc. depends on what you have … omni wheels / mecanum wheels etc … all specific to what you want/need.

also. depends on what you robot is like and if you want it, but LEXAN (plastics) … view manual for full list! very useful.

also pneumatics, if you have the money and you need them, upto you, i don’t have them.

also. get autodesk or CAD of some sort (free from autodesk education community)

also apparel. upto you guys. i would suggest getting team tshirts/hoodies. creates an image for you guys to be recognized.

That’s right we are CNWL Vex1. We will be changing our names soon tho. But I guess now for us the only thing left is the man rather to qualify for the nationals.

ok good luck at the final round of regional qualification.

These were heavily discussed topics in the past. Here are a few links to them

From my experience however, put a large emphasis on 393 motors, batteries, power expanders, High tension chain/sprockets/gears, and rubberbands.](