Vex Robotics 2011-2012 game: Gateway

So what do you think about next year’s game? I looks hard, with some of the goals 30’’ high.

We had 30 inch goals way back in Hangin’-A-Round. It’s doable. Don’t overthink it too much or you’ll end up building a gargantuan arm that can barely work :stuck_out_tongue:

wait wait wait who said the big arm was bad? :stuck_out_tongue:

The “max” score seems to be harder to calculate this year… my best guess (w/o the field for measuring actual goal capacity) is 43 points. Any other calculations out there?

So here is what I think is the max score…

For max points, put one object in 11 of the goals. Then, take the remaining 9 elements and place them into the two 30" goals… (11 for the first part, 9 for the second part, giving you 22 total game pieces…) (barrels are 5" high, so you can place up too six of them into one goal…)

TOTAL so far: 13 for having the first score, 22 from actual objects scored, giving us 35

Now, assume you can get both doublers, and place them on top of the 30" goals… This is 2 for being the first score and 9 for the objects themselves…

TOTAL so far: 35 plus an additional 2 plus 9, giving us 46

Then add in autonomous bonus, which I assume is still 10 points, (to my knowledge, there was no mention of this in the manual…) this gives us a grand total of:


The info I posted here might help with the max score calculations.

It’s important to think carefully about stacking (or not) the (slippery) barrels higher than the tops of the goals. This includes putting the doubling barrels on.

In a 2-v-2 match objects are unlikely to stay put if they are stacked too high.

In a skills run, you could seriously consider stacking a few barrels above the top of a goal.


From what I understand there is not a autonomous bonus.


About your questions under the heading of “Autonomous” in the Round-Up Q&A.

You answered yourself in the first question (about whether there is an autonomous bonus); and the answer to the second one (about swapping mechanisms is here:

Read (all of) the fine manual.


We were reading through the manual, and could not see any mention of the bonus (we may, of course, have missed something obvious). After discussion with the rest of the team, we broke down into autonomous discussion, and after reviewing the team copy of the gateway presentation recording we found two points about the autonomous. One: it is not necessary to be scored after the autonomous period. Two: “The autonomous bonus counts from being the first object into a goal.”

What I have decided is that there is no autonomous bonus, and the concept is that, because the first scored object of each goal is a +1, and not descorable, it’s essentially the same as “autonomous bonus is one per goal”.

Speaking of which, what do people think of the “no descoring” clause <SG9>? It sort of put a damper on my team’s dreams of a giant descoring arm, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

There is no autonomous bonus, JVN said so!


But there are only bonus points for first score in a “tower” goal - not a floor goal…

For the College Game, a good team that is unopposed, should be able to score all 34 game objects in 220 vertical inches of the 8 nearest goals, plus one doubler.
34 points for game pieces
8 points for 1st bonus in the nearest 8 goals
7 points for doubled value of 6 game pieces, this could vary a little bit.

49 points seems to be near the upper limit for the college game.