VEX Robotics 2019 Pricing Announcement

To our valued customers,

We’ve made an important announcement regarding some upcoming price changes to VEX Products. More information can be found here:

Any questions should be directed to our customer service team.

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Does it mean we could now connect 10% more motors to V5 Brain, or you will decrease vrc legal robot size and number of motors by 10% to keep team expenses from going up?


Is this in correlation with the tariff increases from China?


This is crazy. Some teams r barely getting by. Now u increase prices.


Thank you, I appreciate the advanced warning, this will help greatly in planning.

I can only imagine the pressures in your supply chain and other pressures that you’re working around. VEX has been one of the most affordable systems in the market, making it possible for us to provide an opportunity for so many students.


Will this price change affect VEXPRO products?

As unpleasant as they may be, price increases are inevitable to keep up with the inflation. Most economists believe that low (2-3%) inflation rate is a property of a healthy economy (

10%-15% price hike sounds steep, but it is still better than VEX running out of money due to the likely escalation in the trade war or unanticipated high rate of V5 equipment returns.

I wish this could coincide with the release of a refreshed version of V5 electronics that has better ESD protection.


I’m sad. We’ll have to shell out more money for stuff now :frowning: but do what you gotta do, keep bringing us cool new things.


VEXpro went through a price increase about a year ago.


Wow. I was wishing for a 10% decrease not INCREASE. Ty so much now got to get more cash. This better be worth it xd. I want new products and stuff.

at least like put like something free too like buy one v5 set get a v5 motor for free

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Why would they increase the price then? They have reasons I am sure to raise prices, no company does this lightly. What would benefit from them increasing prices to give away more product.


@The_To and @ketchup I think you guys are misunderstanding the situation here. Vex is only raising their prices in order to be able to stay afloat as inflation takes its toll. This was not done by Vex in order to get more profits from their competitors, instead it was to maintain their company as global market prices naturally increased.

This was not done for Vex to be able to spend more money on development, or to help fund a new product, it was to keep the business alive as the economy changed.


Otherwise known as a price reduction :roll_eyes:

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seems no one is happy with this change.

Robotics is always expensive, VEX is generally very affordable in the market. If your teams need money then they need to work up a solution. You can’t get this stuff for free.


No one is happy with it, but It isn’t unreasonable.


The big picture of things this will not change a whole lot of the outcomes for teams. Yeah I am sure their will be a few teams or users upset over the price increase, but that doesn’t mean VEX charging more was wrong.

Also would you rather have 10% every ~10 years or increase 2%-3% every single year.


I better be getting some new sensors now.
And if they are hiking up the prices they should


they have!

Tournaments that have multiple divisions will play a “best of one” style Elimination Round in theDivisions, but when the division winners come together, they will play a “best of three” style in the Finals Matches where the alliance will need two (2) wins to advance or to win the tournament depending on the number of divisions at play.

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