VEX Robotics 2019 Pricing Announcement

That is only for large tournaments with divisions. I wish it was for all of the semi-finals and finals in every tournament.

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People are never gonna be satisfied. They’ll want the original Bo3, eight teams of three.
(On a side note this would just be large tournaments like World and US OPEN right?)

@ketchup if you’re worried about your team, or other teams not having funds to run the team, the RECF has grants available to teams both new and old alike. There are other ways to raise money for a team, hosting a tournament is a common approach done by lot of organizations (for instance, Fox Valley Robotics in my region is hosting a whopping 4 tournaments). Sponsorships are always worth looking into as well. There are plenty of people on this forum far more knowledgeable and experienced than I am - all you need to do is ask.


Never happy :slight_smile: Let’s see how things roll this season.

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Finals at all worlds-qualifyng events too, per <T13>:


Considering these 10% price increases, I believe that part of the changes are in terms of inflation and tariffs but I also think a lot of it has to do with the additional efforts to provide new V5 Brains and Motors for free due to their warranty if something breaks. Considering the fact that last year almost every team I knew with V5 had to get replacements, it is a massive toll on the finances with VEX (As what I can assume). So, although this is just speculation, I believe that the additional 10% will ensure the stability and funding to improve the VEX company and their funding to replace products if broken. Is VEX a commercial company? Yes, but like every companies they have to understand that all mistakes taken must be pardoned by the community to ensure a good reputation. Not going to lie, this is a massive price increase of 10%. I do not believe you all understand how much of an increase this is. If you have $5,000 to spare for your team for an entire season, your team would need to rack up an additional $500 for this, or next season.

But the problem is, in regards to reputation, VEX promised that V5 motors will not exceed $30 and the V5 controller will not exceed $100. They also said that the V5 Brain will cost the same amount as the VEX Cortex of $249.99. Will these promises be met, or do we have to understand that VEX will be making a false promise due to this price increase?
Edit//: We have already seen promises not met with the “Ships in 8 weeks” and “Motors that never burn out.” Are we expecting more of these false promises to happen in the future? If so, what do we expect them to be?


@forzapixel asked about tariffs. The education marketplace in general has been hit by tariffs. This article about current effects on tariffs show that other products (books, science equipment, etc. are all having issues. It’s very hard on school districts that budget down to the penny to then get increases of 10, 15 or 25%. I work (in my day job) with suppliers that have been forced to start passing these charges along to customers.

The cost of VEX components has been pretty stable across the last years and I’m sure they have absorbed costs for shipping, raises for employees, material cost increases etc. into their current margins. But at some point they needed to raise prices.

And while you think that VEX is expensive, you should look at other programs and other robot supplies, what we get is a very large bang for our buck.

But you will also find that lots more things that will become more expensive. Christmas is saved this year because toys for Christmas are shipping to retailers now (little known fact, toy manufactures ship all their Christmas toys by the end of October) But toys get a tariff soon. The tariffs have been effect for over a year and I think that companies will start passing them on to consumers soon.


Hey guys. Ik this off topic but i did not believe that this question was deem able to have a thread to itself. Who is bo3

I think that means to bring back the best of three (bo3) eleminition matches

I would like to point out that the announcement said “price increases of up to 10%.” As far as I’m concerned that means some products will cost 10% more while others will have a lower increases like 8% or even 5%. While that is still a big increase it not quite as drastic as everything going up 10%.


Ah, that makes the news a lot better. That wording flew right over my head.

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If this is the case give us some speakers for… ummm… non video game related reasons on the v5 brains


The V5 brain does not have the necessary hardware to play sounds to speakers.

By hardware you mean the brain itself not the programming, right?

The only feasible way that I can see to play sound from the V5 is to create a dedicated custom speaker module that would be connected to one of the smart ports. While such custom electronics are not legal for competition use in VRC, they would work outside of competition (and are actually legal in VEX U).


Just to let everyone know, the new prices should now be live. If you have any case-by-case concerns, please shoot an email to and they will look into it for you!