Vex Robotics Advanced Gear Kit

New from Vex Robotics the Vex Robotics Advanced Gear Kit

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Thank you!

These gears are extremely useful, and (very surprisingly) affordably priced.
Hopefully this will open the door to more advanced robots that were not possible with the rather limiting regular gear kit.

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WOOT already ordered 2

Here’s the advanced gear kit. I’m jumping with joy!

Better pictures…?

oh wow, looks great. cant wait to buy one.

Got Gears? I do! Yeah! :smiley:

Occam’s Engineers certainly does! Here are three pictures of a robot we built with the differential: (Bottom View) (Close Up of Differential)
[ (Top View)

The robot uses two perpendicular small omniwheels to turn in the front. The differential does its job spectacularly, allowing the two rear wheels to spin at different rates and so the robot turns extremely well. It can easily drive forward or backwards while turning with no skidding.

Our team is in the process of building a hanging device with the rack and pinion system; we’re considering incorporating a worm gear into the mix.

If you are in New Jersey or nearby stop by Monty Madness and take a turn driving this (and 2 of our other) robots!]( (Top View) )

Awesome! I’ll be ordering me up some tomorrow. Very nice price.

Again - I’m curious - Where can one get in line to be a beta tester for new products?


I’m guessing you win worlds to become a beta tester…

we are second, does that count =(

I think world inspire award gets to be beta tester.

Let me clear this up. Our team is helping to run the FVC Offseason tournament at Monty Madness this Saturday. We contacted VexLabs asking if we could be sent the parts as soon as possible so that we could demonstrate the new parts to the public. We did not “win” the opportunity to have these parts, nor did we beta-test them. Although, I can say they are great parts and a very worthwhile purchase.

I posted these pictures to demonstrate how the parts can be used - sorry if I caused any confusion.

i cant wait till saturday to see what you guys have made :slight_smile:

I know someone who I think is a beta tester. I know he’s heavily involved in running VEX and knows of some of the upcoming products, I’ll ask him.

Just ordered 3, Coaxial Swerve drive + lots more fun here i come!

I can’t wait to start building new drive trains with these gears.

Oh yeah. I wanted to order 2 and build a coaxial swerve drive myself but I dodn’t want to spend $40. So I’m gonna be a cheapskate and build a 3 wheeled swerve drive, it’ll be different that’s for sure.

It’ll be just the same as four wheel swerve but a triangle instead of a rectangle/square.

yeah but it’s still unusual. when have you ever seen one like that? it may not be difficult or really unusual but it’ll be cool

Are you talking three powered and rotating wheels? I haven’t seen one, but it may be very unstable.