VEX Robotics All-Star Challenge at Disney results

Does anybody have the results from this weekend’s competiton at Disney?

  1. 254a The Cheesy Poofs (USA)
  2. 2205a The Pioneers (PR)
  3. 5110 Imagination
  4. 2027 Polar Bear Robotics
  5. 508p PiraTech VEX Robotics
  6. 36 Unidentified
  7. 1257 SRCS Warriors

That’s all I know for now. I’ll try to find the full results for you.

The Cheesy Poofs alliance won, an alliance of all three Piratech teams (508, 508B, 508P) placed 2nd.


254A also won Robot Skills and Excellence.

I can’t remember all the post-qual rankings, but the top three teams were 10-1. The top 4 were 5110, 2205A, 254A, and 508P.

Here’s the alliance tree, from what I can remember. The teams are not necessarily in order.

1. 5110  2027  37
2. 2205A 36    79B
3. 254A  254S  429
4. 508P  508   508B
6. 808A
7. 1347(?)

1 beats 8 in 3 matches
4 beats 5 in 2 matches
2 beats 7 in 2 matches
3 beats 6 in 2 matches

4 beats 1 in 2 matches
3 beats 2 in 2 matches

3 beats 4 in 2 matches

Programming Skills went to 36 or 37, with 33 points.

We were very impressed by the whole tournament, and I can only wish that there were 3-day, 24-team super-regionals every weekend :rolleyes:.

Holy buckets!!!

Is there no one out there to stop these guys? This makes 4 by my count. Could be a ‘Clean Sweep’ all the way thru Championships. :slight_smile:

Yep, A is doing awesome. 4 Tournament wins in 4 Consecutive Weekends with 9 total Qualifications (3 Excellence, 4 Tournament Wins, 2 Robot Skills). They are an amazing and extremely hardworking team, working hard to earn every win.

What a surprise huh? hehe …

With an apparently unlimited travel budget. :slight_smile:

We’re going to Honolulu too…for the beach of course :D.

Really though, our team members take up the tab on airfare and hotel. Some used all their summer savings for the tournaments this year, because they knew we were going to go competition crazy. I’m growing concerned about the entrance fees though, because our school pays for those…and they are starting to add up, especially with larger ones like All-Star, Pan Pacific, and Worlds.

Yea, but that’s just pennies compared to FRC.

The Poofs are way ahead of us – our season is just starting. I doubt we’ll catch them but we do have the whole club scheduled for three more events, and at least some teams will do as many as five or six. Without resorting to air travel, events are just too far apart up here in the Great Northwet.

Looking forward to your arrival! Congratulations on all of your successes thus far.

I see they don’t post the scores for the Programming and Robot Skills Challenges on the event site after their conclusion, just the winner. Looks like Programming was 33 pts? How about Robot Skills score (for All-Stars or any other event if anyone knows)?

At Beach Cities/SMI, the high score was at least 60 pts. (I remember 12 footballs), by 687P.
At Bellarmine, the high score was 82, by 254A.
At Robovikes (Fairfield), the high score was 74, by 1000B.
At Orlando, the high score was 105, by 254A.

2467’s 114 is the highest I’ve seen so far. Even with a few errors they should be able to win most regionals by a mile.
At Bellarmine, 1337 scored 37 in Programming Skills, but I think they are redesigning their robot.

Travel and trying to avoid a ‘rusty’ robot is what keeps most teams away.:stuck_out_tongue:

We begin our quest on December 5. Hopefully we can go to a total of 3 events before the Championships.

Team 37, Athena Rising was first for Programming with 33 points. Thanks to all who planned and volunteered for this tournament. It was a great event!

1263 (us), 1330b, and 2400 were the 8th alliance, and we lost in 3 games. I’m proud of the fact that we were the only team to go to 3 games. Team 7 was captained by 1330. Update the alliance table?

Also, is there anywhere where I can find a match list, or any videos of the matches? Will they eventually be on Youtube or something?

And you definitely put up a fight. Great tournament, guys.

Posts can’t be edited past 24 hours, so here’s a new tree:

1. 5110  2027  37
2. 2205A 36    79B
3. 254A  254S  429
4. 508P  508   508B
6. 808A
7. 1330
8. 1263  1330B 2400

In the past, Team 254 has helped NASA Ames splice the video before it is uploaded (to save bandwidth). I’ve contacted the folks there to see if they want us to do so this time. All recorded webcasts can be found here.

so… any videos or match result list or something from the competition?

Are there any plans to have this year’s All-Star Challenge webcasted?

Bit of a delayed response, but we put ours up here: